England A v Nomads


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Nomads Team during Anthem England A Team Anthem Sonia Green, England A Captain, on the charge Susie Appleby Selena Rudge in the ruck Vicki Jackson Nomads action Liza Burgess in the lineout Danni Knight being tackled by Shelley Rae Fran Matthews tackled by Susie Appleby Emma Layland tackled Emma Layland tackled Kim Oliver breaks with Emma Layland in support Abi Chamberlain breaks with Emma Layland in support Amber Penrith tackled Jane Leonard tackled Sarah Guest tackles Nomad Emma Layland Abi Chamberlain breaks with Jane Leonard in support Natalie Binstead Roz Crowley, Emma Layland and Natalie Binstead Amber Penrith on a break Emma Layland Emma Layland and Laura Keates preparing for scrum Susie Appleby at the scrum Sue Day kicks the ball Fran Matthews tackled by Nomad Shelley Rae kicks the ball Shelley Rae tackled by Sonia Green Emma Layland on the break Laura Keates scores a try Davinia Monteiro throwing to the lineout Maxine Edwards and Selena Rudge play to camera Marlie Packer on the charge Sonia Green Jane Leonard breaks through a tackle Jane Leonard passing the ball Danni Knight with the ball in hand Susie Appleby running with the ball Vicki Jackson Sonia Green Nomads Team